Imre Fejes Photographer

Imre Fejes is a international lingerie, swimwear and editorial photographer with 8 years experience. I am working in Hungary, Spain and England. I have worked with hundreds of experienced models and those taking their first steps into lingerie modelling. Over the past years I have been working has graced the pages of Maxim and several other well known magazines in the UK as well as throughout the world. His work speaks for itself, and his highend and dynamic shots have attracted the attention of several well published lingerie/nude models, which he works with on a regular basis. He is renowned in the industry for providing excellent images to the highest of quality with a unique retouching style.

Client List:

MAXIM Magazine | ZOO Magazine | Weekly Sport Magazine | People Magazine | GUYS Magazine | SHOCK Magazine | GLAMJAM Magazine | Vivienne Nay Clothes company | TRAINSANEGYM Clothes company | Metzker Viktoria Music production | Virag Voksan Music production | 2HOT Magazine